We’re a bit taken aback with the level of enquiries we’re receiving for 360 degree video production.

So we’ve compiled a list of kit that is available for any budding video nerds looking to get started in the exciting field of 360 degree video and VR.

Option 1. Theta S 360

Standard piece of kit. The video results are pretty poor compared to what people expect to see. It is essentially a store bought piece of kit that can be acquired anywhere. Simple to use, but not really the sort of kit you’d expect a professional video production agency to be using – but still fun!

However, it would probably suffice as a supplementary service and provide a platform from which one could invest in a better set up.



Option 2. 360° Hero

The better set up. This is essentially 6 – 10 GoPros bound together and the images stitched in post.

This is what will allow the user to produce 360° productions with incredible results. Only downside is the cost but it is the more worthy investment if one wishes to build upon 360° tech.

$5000 + VAT (roughly)

Option 3. Kodak PixPro 360

The black sheep. The other options are well regarded for different reasons. The Kodak 360° is known to be a problematic little thing.

However it is poorly supported by Kodak and nobody speaks very highly of it when there are better options.


£849.99 (bought as a pit to shoot full 360.

Option 4. Bublcam

Probably the best introductory option but we don’t know so much about it as it is quite new on the market. Or at least not as commonly found (this could be a dark sign).

But it records at a high enough quality for professional looking productions, and covers all angles and not just a single hemisphere. Could be a winner so long as it is properly researched.



Of course there is a $60,000 option. But we’ll save that for another time.