If there is a video trend you want to get on board with it’s 360-degree video. 360-degree cameras have been around for a while but it wasn’t until recently that they really gained popularity on the internet.

Many major video platforms have added 360-degree functionality, allowing the viewer to look at whichever section of the scene they wish. The impact is especially noticeable on mobile as the scene moves according to how the user turns their phone. So how has this technology changed video production?

First, 360-degree video provides an entirely immersive experience. The user is able to gain access not only to what is directly ahead of the camera, but to what is all around. This is particularly helpful when shooting video at a location you want to advertise or show off. The full panorama means the viewer is able to quickly survey any site or product. Many musicians and artists have employed the technology to create dynamic, cutting edge music videos and similar productions.

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Second, it gives a unique interactive aspect. It has been shown that click-through and conversion rates are much higher on advertising that utilises 360-degree video. It is a well-known fact that most people filter out most of the advertising they see but when they come across something new, they are much more likely to engage with the advertisement. Expect your competitors to be using this technology in advertising soon.

Third, it provides a way for the user to drive the investigation. Video production is all about getting what you want across to the consumer. With 360-degree video, you hand some of this control over to the consumer themselves. The more senses you employ, the more effective the engagement will be. Of course, you are still in full control of what they will see but you have also given the viewer an impression of being a part of the presentation.