As an increasing number of viewers use mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets to view your video content, vertical video production is becoming necessary. This is true for any video type you choose. At one point in time, vertical video was seen as unprofessional. This is no longer the case. Here at Oh Video, we are video production and marketing experts. As a result, we have produced this guide to the top 3 tips for vertical video production.

Why vertical?

Almost half of video content is viewed on a mobile device. This is a key finding when you consider that people use their mobile phones in portrait mode, more than 50% of the time. As a result, if you create online video content that is vertical, your content is more likely to be viewed to completion. This is because you are meeting the consumers where they are. Check out our tips for vertical video production.

Tip 1- Choose the right scenery

A vertical video lends itself well to vertical structures. These include:

  • Trees
  • Buildings
  • Mountains

This is great news if you want to shoot footage of scenery for your video, as it provides dramatic tall features that draw the eye upwards to the top of the video. In contrast, a short or small building or landscape would look better in horizontal, where you can capture the width as a whole.

Tip 2- Film people in the center of the shot

Vertical video also lends itself perfectly to filming people.

If you are filming in horizontal, on professional equipment, you need to make sure that the person is central. This will make it much easier to crop the footage around the person into a suitable vertical format.

Tip 3- Camera quality

Use a camera with great quality to film your video. This is because you will have a higher resolution to edit your footage into a fantastic vertical video. Remember, if filming in horizontal, you are going to be cropping a lot of your footage.

In summary

Creating great vertical video content is essential for online video success. if you need help or advice, or if you would like support with your own video marketing, don’t hesitate to contact us today at Oh Video.