When it comes to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, more and more companies are catching on to the advantages of video marketing across these channels. As a result, it is becoming more and more difficult to stand out from your competitors. Here at Oh Video in Manchester, we are video production and marketing experts, supporting companies across Manchester, Lancashire, and Yorkshire. Consequently, we have produced these 3 tips for social media video content.


Stand out

It’s pretty hard for your video to stand out when it’s just one of many videos being put in front of social media users. Unfortunately, many people are becoming “numb” to social media video marketing, and it is having less of an effect. Having said that, we have some top tips to regain the viewers attention.

Time Lapse Videos

Creating a great time lapse video need not be as tricky as you might think. With a range of apps available to help, you can make a pretty cool time lapse video just using your smart phone and a bit of ingenuity. Remember, social media video footage doesn’t have to be at the cutting edge of technology.

3 tips for social media video content


When you begin filming a time lapse, whichever video camera you decide to use, whether its a smart phone or professional equipment, remember to use a tripod, lock the focus and the exposure. The last thing you want is for your video to go out of focus half way through, ruining your final product.

In addition, if you are thinking about using your mobile phone to film the footage, make sure it has enough battery life, and that it is set to aeroplane mode. This way you won’t get interrupted part way through filming.

Slow Motion

Editing the speed of your video can make for interesting effects. Whether you speed up your video, or put it into super slow mo, its a lot more fun than a plain old social media video. As a result, it will grab the attention of more viewers, raising your brand awareness.

Stop motion Animation

While it might take endless hours to create an entire 20 minute stop motion animation, your social media video footage only needs to be super short to grab attention. From 30 seconds to one minute, a stop motion animation can be a great way to make your video stand out.

In summary

From time lapse videos to stop motion animation, your social media video content can be a lot more interesting. We hope that these 3 tips for social media video content have been helpful. Contact the professionals at Oh Video in Manchester, for your video production and marketing needs.