If you’re in business (and serious) you’ve probably spent quite a bit of time getting your digital marketing in reasonable shape.  You’ll have your website looking good (probably with a few headaches along the way) and you’ll have a couple of social business profiles set up.  Well done!

So now what?  How do you take your website performance and Google rankings to the next level, and increase your social engagement?

Here are 3 key reasons why video could well be the best investment you make this year!

1. Hey World!  We’re Real People!

A glossy website with a balance of crisp stock images and your own photos may well make for a sleek, professional looking site, but where are the humans really?  Video allows you to really show yourself and your team off as real people, with real body language and tone of voice.  This human element, which simply can not be achieved via photos and graphics, will truly allow your prospect to connect with you as people, building trust, effectively delivering your message and super-charging a relationship with your potential customer before any initial communication has even been made.

People buy from people, particularly if those people have demonstrated likability, and positioned themselves as an authority in their field of expertise.  You know your business – let the world know it!

2.  Google Rankings

By giving people the opportunity to watch a video, rather than an opportunity to real a ton of text, you can keep your visitor engaged on your website for much longer.  Perhaps your video has explained how to make the most of your website, or has asked them specifically to check out another blog post or page.

However you play it, great short company videos will lengthen the amount of time people spend on your website, reduce the bounce rate, and demonstrate to Google that people are enjoying your content.  Websites that keep people interested so that they stick around, rank much higher in Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) than those that don’t!

3.  Your digital asset

Video need not just appear on your website!  A great company video can be used across all your digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.  You can include links to it in your email signature, and even integrate it into your email marketing campaigns.

The benefits to embracing video are huge.  Far greater than explained in this short blog.  The investment is small, the process is (dare we say) fun, and the rewards are significant.

Why not give us a call for a chat about your business.  We’ll have some great ideas on how video can work best for oy!