This year seems to be THE year for technology and video marketing specifically! With the rise of video and new platforms to reach your customers on, there are a few marketing trends you need to know to be ahead of the curve.

Ever since 2010, traditional television watching peaked and has been falling ever since. From TV to the Internet Video, it has been predicted that it will increase 4x from 2014-2019. Between the ages of 18 and 34, more and more people are streaming on smartphones, specifically 8.5 million per minute. Viewers nowadays don’t mind watching longer videos as long as they can connect them to their TV’s.

It has been proven that video brands in the News Feed section on Facebook has increased 3.6 times year after year and more than 50 people per day watch videos that are streamed on the popular social media platform.

YouTube has also become a place where it is now deemed as “shoppable” – this allows advertisements to promote products in both their videos and partner videos using a “click to buy” button. It’s reported that this increased revenue by 300%, consideration increase by 80% and a 54% increase in ad recall.

Virtual Reality also the next big thing within technology, it has the ability to entice new customers and become a vital source of information for both new and old clients. It is now available to the public and can help to promote your business on any form of social media.

Everywhere you look businesses are striving to outdo each other, as long as you know who to target and what your message is, feel free to promote your business anywhere at any time. It is proven that if you do it well, more and more people will visit your site every day, and by following the tips above, you can reach new clients by using platforms that are relative to them.