Everywhere you look it’s all about SEO! “Improve your SEO!”…“SEO for Beginners!”…“SEO 101.” Search engine optimisation is all about driving traffic to your website and making the most of your content marketing message. And while it definitely boosts where your website appears in search results, giving you a higher site ranking, there has been a shift over the last six months in the medium of the message… to video!


Because there is way too much information out there!

It’s getting like a meteorite shower! New content bombards us every second we are online, all screaming for our attention, so much so that no one can be bothered to read it. Unless a critical piece of data reaches out from the page and grabs us by the throat, we shut down and move on.

But, wait a minute! People have been stuck to TV screens for nearly a century now, and video has an increasingly dramatic impact on the way content is consumed. No wonder that YouTube has become the web’s “second search engine”. People are moving product, promoting pop songs, raising money through videos – most of them hopeless home-made movies!

The smart way to maximize your SEO today is through video: it should be used on your landing pages whenever possible. Video offers a passive engagement medium by which your message can be experienced with minimal effort and maximum engagement. According to a study by eyeviewdigital.com , video can increase conversion by 80%. After all: people are lazy! They prefer to watch rather than read.

Why not ask us to make a promotional film for your online platform? We collaborate with you to make a visual presentation which will excite, inspire, improve your SEO and persuade people to pick up the phone. Time for your 15 minutes of fame!